Michael Ackerman is a spiritual healer, medical intuitive, and holistic doctor in La Jolla near San Diego California.   He began his
healing work studying in India, learning Reiki, Distance Healing, and mind-body eastern medicine while doing meditation, spiritual
practices, and yoga working as a holistic chiropractic doctor at the ashram of a world famous spiritual teacher.  He no longer does
Reiki or any presently taught new age healing technique, but developed his own intuitive healing methods over the last 38 years which
he refers to as “Depth Healing”.  Most of his clients feel his psychic intuition can determine the underlying energy imbalances in their
aura, and the mental and emotional disturbances which affect their overall physical health.  He need not be present with his clients for
holistic energy healing to take place, as many people from around the United States, Europe, and other countries do spiritual and
emotional distance healing work with him by phone.
The following forms contain processes which you may print out (1) for
during healing sessions or (2) for your own use when you feel the
need for greater peace, joy, and clarity in life.  Please obtain Dr. Michael
Ackerman's instruction and permission before printing these out
and/or trying to practice any one of them on your own.

*Please make sure that you have been carefully instructed by Dr. Michael
Ackerman in the use and practice of each individual process before
you attempt to engage in practicing any of them on your own... Improper
use of these processes may leave unhealed wounds only partially dealt
with, and thus leave you in a more agitated state of mind!*
(please click and print):

Group #1 (Older)

The Daily Relief Valve: "How to Feel Total Peace Now"
The Daily Relief Valve: "How To Feel Total Joy Now"
The Daily Relief Valve: "How to Feel Great Now"

Group #2

"How To Clear Who or What Pushes Our Buttons"

Group #3 (Newer)

Simple Clearing - Peace Process
Simple Clearing - Joy Process
Simple Clearing - Joy Process - Boy
Simple Clearing - Joy Process - Girl
Simple Clearing - For Resistance To Joy
Simple Clearing - For Resistance to Peace
Simple Clearing - Clarity Process
Simple Clearing - Relationships
Simple Clearing - Tranquil & Meditative Mind (A)
Simple Clearing - Tranquil & Meditative Mind (B)
Simple Clearing - For A Good Nite's Sleep