Dr. Michael B. Ackerman pursued his undergraduate studies in pre-medicine and psychology
    at Whitman College in Washington State.  During these years in college, he maintained a daily
    meditation and spiritual practice, including a discipline of Kriya Yoga.  He also carried on
    regular physical exercise and training, opening a campus karate school and serving as a
    second degree black-belt instructor.  Among his other extra-curricular activities were
    holding meditation classes and organizing campus presentations with guest lecturers on
    topics related to spiritual transformation and personal growth.

    Two years after graduation from college with a Bachelor's Degree in Psychology,  Dr.
    Ackerman's interests in a more holistic and preventative approach to medicine led to a
    decision to enter graduate school at the National University of Health Sciences, Chicago,
    Illinois.  In addition to a very demanding course load over the next five years of schooling,
    he worked as a teaching assistant for more than a dozen different courses--instructing in
    laboratories for the departments of Anatomy, Radiology, Biomechanics, and Orthopedics.

    As a result of this teaching involvement, Dr. Ackerman received the honor of being published
    in a nationally recognized textbook of chiropractic clinical technique, and was selected as the
    recipient of the National University Anatomy Achievement Award.  Following a one-year
    internship at Chicago General Health Services, Dr. Ackerman graduated as Class Valedictorian
    in 1986, receiving two degrees: Bachelor of Science in Human Biology & Doctor of
    Chiropractic Medicine.  After graduation, the college faculty asked Dr. Ackerman to accept a
    full-time teaching position in the Department of Pathology, but he respectfully declined their

    In the succeeding two years, Dr. Ackerman entered an associateship in a sports medicine
    practice in New Orlean's, Louisiana.  During this time, he treated amateur, collegiate, and
    professional athletes from most sports backgrounds, including the New Orleans Saints
    football team, the Delta Festival Ballet Company, national body building title holders,
    international martial arts champions, tri-athletes, gymnasts, pro-golfers, pro-bowlers, etc.  
    Dr. Ackerman grew to become known as a lecturer on sports medicine, nutrition, and injury
    prevention at such places as the University of New Orleans, The National Physique
    Conference (NPC) Southern Regional Symposium, numerous martial arts schools, industries,
    and athletic clubs.

    In 1988, Dr. Ackerman moved to Monterey, California, where he practiced as director of the
    Sports and Family Chiropractic Center, a clinic which operated with an average of eight
    employees, including associate doctors, massage therapists/physiotherapy aids, an exercise
    physiologist athletic-trainer, and front office support personnel.  This clinic was well-known
    and successful, offering state-of-the-art care in sports medicine, nutrition, and holistic family
    practice.  However, Dr. Ackerman also had a strong need to achieve a sense of a deep
    spiritual success in life, which up to this point he did not feel he had satisfied.

    Thus, in 1994 he decided to fulfill a long awaited dream and chose a radical new path in his
    career: Dr. Ackerman sold his home and practice, and moved to India.  There he had the great
    privilege of studying under a world-renowned spiritual teacher by the name of "Ammachi" (The
    Holy Mother), while having an opportunity to perform volunteer medical work in Her charitable
    institution.  Over a period of three years, Dr. Ackerman experienced a very deep inner
    transformation and a remarkable opening of intuitive abilities, which fundamentally changed
    his approach to life as well as his approach to healing.

    With the wealth of knowledge and experience acquired in India, and with Ammachi's blessings,
    Dr. Ackerman returned to the West and established his present clinic in March of 1997, in La
    Jolla, California, The Center for Depth Healing.  He now sees patients personally at this location,
    and also works by phone with people from around the United States and Europe.  In addition to
    treating his patients’ physical and nutritional health needs, Dr. Ackerman also offers people a
    rare opportunity to understand and remove the inner psychological stress and emotional root
    causes of their pain.  This approach brings about a lasting and more profound healing of the
    whole person, addressing the deeper underlying emotional wounds which relate to their
    outward physical symptoms.  Dr. Ackerman now achieves more rapid results with a wider scope
    of his patients' health problems through wedding Eastern and Western medicine into a unique
    and powerful synthesis for holistic healing -- going beyond the boundaries of most of the
    mainstream and alternative healing therapies available today.
Or Doctor's Direct Line:
holistic chiropractic doctor at the ashram of a world famous spiritual teacher.  He no longer does Reiki or any presently taught new age healing
technique, but developed his own intuitive healing methods over the last 38 years which he refers to as “Depth Healing”.  Most of his clients feel his
psychic intuition can determine the underlying energy imbalances in their aura, and the mental and emotional disturbances which affect their overall
physical health.  He need not be present with his clients for holistic energy healing to take place, as many people from around the United States,
Europe, and other countries do spiritual and emotional distance healing work with him by phone.
Michael B. Ackerman, D.C.                                                   San Diego, CA