Dr. Michael B. Ackerman, D.C.
“Michael has an unusual gift. Even over the phone he is able to lucidly
assess many internal problems -- both physical and emotional -- and
also heal them.  I consider Michael an invaluable ally on my spiritual
and healing journey
                      David Sawyer, "Converge For Impact"; Portland, OR

Dr. Michael Ackerman is a medical intuitive, distance healer, and
chiropractic physician in San Diego, California.  In addition to a
meditation practice since his early teens, and over 30 years of
training under a world-renowned spiritual teacher, he spent three
years in India studying and performing volunteer medical work,
culminating in an inner transformation that radically changed his
approach to life and healing.  Now in addition to practicing as a
chiropractic physician, he offers healing work which goes beyond
the boundaries of most other mainstream and alternative therapies,
wedding Eastern and Western medicine --along with his spiritual
insight -- into a powerful synthesis to offer new hope in healing the
physical and emotional pain of others.

    As a result of the years with my teacher in India, deeper intuitive
    abilities were opened within me, enabling me to see the internal
    wounds of others, to understand where they came from in the past,
    and to know how to rapidly release and heal these wounds.  I
    actually learned how to take on pain from people's bodies, allowing
    it to pass through my own body, as I progressively grew in spiritual
    awareness and non-attachment.  After three years of continuously
    living and traveling with my teacher in India and throughout the world,
    She suggested not to continue Reiki, but gave me her blessings to
    return to the U.S. to practice a new healing methodology. For the
    lack of encountering any similar technique resembling it, I've
    decided to simply name this unique work,"Depth Healing"

Dr. Michael Ackerman has been in private practice for over 34 years.  
His background includes a bachelor’s degree from Whitman College
in the field of psychology.   His professional education was completed
at the National University of Health Sciences in Chicago, where he
graduated with honors as class valedictorian, receiving two degrees:
Bachelor of Science in Human Biology and Doctor of Chiropractic

Healing sessions are offered in-office, via Skype video call, or phone,
serving clients living in the United States, Europe, the Middle East,
South America, and Australia.

"I would estimate that approximately 98 out of 100 clients who come
for healing truly reach the very lofty goals we set for their sessions --
including leaving in a state of feeling total joy.   It's rare that other
kinds of healing methods or therapies can achieve this."*

                             - Dr. Michael Ackerman, D.C.

              (858) 472-1857

... The Following Are Client Healing Testimonials ...

“After flying to La Jolla from New Jersey, I was referred to Dr.
Ackerman by the Deepak Chopra Center.  My fibromyalgia was so
severe, I could barely walk a block without having to sit and rest.  
After two weeks of treatment, I was running again, up to 4 miles
per day.  One year later I’m still symptom free!”*             

                   Christine Purdie; Madison, N.J.

"I have to say, my sister has noticed a vast improvement in my self
confidence and I feel like tearing it up in the business world like never
before.  I had no enthusiasm before I met you and just went thru life
day by day trying to get back mentally looking forward to going to bed
at night.  Now I want to talk to everyone, tell them about my business
and my confidence is growing.  I know you shifted something in my
emotions where I have been able to emerge and become the person
who I really am!  Thank you and the referrals will never cease from
me, you are the best!!!"*                                        

               Jasleen Nelson, Realtor; Alpine, CA

"Michael Ackerman is the most extraordinary healer I've ever known.
His rare psychic ability and potent spiritual awareness, combined
with his professional chiropractic and medical knowledge, give him
access to cutting edge healing powers, allowing mental, emotional,
physical and spiritual healing to occur in even a single session. His
deep connection with Amma (Mata Amritanandamayi), known in the
West as "the Hugging Saint", makes him a conduit for the highest
kind of grace. Not only that...he's a sweetheart of a guy.
Highly recommended!"*

Ram Das Batchelder, Author of "Rising in Love"

"Despite 20 years in psychotherapy and little change with persisting
thoughts of suicide, my therapist referred me to try healing work with
Dr. Ackerman.  Within just a few weeks, I felt the first taste of freedom
from these thoughts in as long as I can remember.  Soon, my therapist
also began doing phone sessions with him."*

                                          Joan K.; Brooklyn, NY

"I've had panic attacks and depression for more than 15 years. I tried
CBT  & DBT therapy, different meds, and also psychiatrists and
psychologists.  None of that ever worked, in fact most made me way
worse. I worked with Dr. Michael Ackerman for only a few short
months but after a few sessions I learned to relieve my stress and
anxiety in such an easy way that I have not had a single panic attack
since I worked with Dr. Michael. I have also stopped taking all meds,
and all other forms of therapy. Thank you Dr. Michael!"*

           Fernando A., H.R. Specialist; San Diego, CA

"I walked into Dr. Ackerman's office with a broken heart from a
cheating spouse, which literally felt like living with the pain of a
constant heart attack.  With just one session, Dr. Ackerman released
all of the negative feelings, showing me the "light" within, and
teaching me the connection between the power of inner healing and
my spine and body.  He is the 'real deal', a 'dream package':integrity,
knowledge, heart and soul, passion, compassion, and extraordinary
techniques!  I owe him more than words can express."*           
                         Dr. Irene Lee, Ph.D.; La Jolla, CA

"Following years of being unable to write at all, and even moving to
the isolation of the desert was of no help, a few sessions with Dr.
Ackerman removed my 'writer's block' and I met a 3 week deadline for
submission of my first screen play to a very important contest."*

                               Alexandra Buresch; Los Angeles, CA

“Dr. Ackerman is a medical gem hidden in a nondescript building on
Torrey Pines Road. His healing modalities are unlike anything I've
experienced or heard of with other medical practitioners. He has
developed an uncanny sense of intuition about the connections
between thoughts, emotions and health that gives him a great
advantage in solving issues rather than just managing symptoms. I'm
fairly rational and “left brained”. Seeing what Dr. A can tap into and
how accurate his non-traditional healing techniques are has given me
solid evidence that there is a much bigger picture related to total
health than traditional Western medicine accepts.”*

       Justin Beattie, Commercial Realtor; Carlsbad, CA

“I was lying in intensive care with 4 broken ribs, immediately
following a car accident.  Despite severe pain, being a Christian
Scientist, I would not accept any medication.  I was so grateful for
the help from Dr.Ackerman, who was able to fully take my pain
away -- over the phone!"*                                   

                Kimberly Schulz, Minolta; San Diego

"For me, Dr. Ackerman has bridged the gap between the scientific
and intuition.  And, in my opinion, Dr. Ackerman achieves this
synergy on a daily basis... Perhaps the most impressive part of Dr.
Ackerman's treatments is his ability to assess his patient's problems
intuitively and then make corrections scientifically.  He is able to
sense the limits within his patient's consciousness and free them
from the psychological patterns that are hampering their bodies.  
I highly recommend Dr. Ackerman."*

            Brett Dickinson, Tennis Pro; La Jolla, CA

“In addition to decreasing the frequency and intensity of my
migraine headaches, on one notable occasion he took away painful
back spasms that had been bothering me for several days, while
talking to me on my cell phone during my son's soccer game.”*   

              Dr. M. L., Internal Medicine, La Jolla

"I did years of wonderful work with Michael, but one cute story is
how after just one session he cured me of my long-time daily
addiction to ice cream!” *          
              Dr. Sarah Lord, Ph.D.;Walnut Creek, CA

"To put into words what an incredibly positive impact Dr. Ackerman
has made upon my life seems all too limiting.  He is an incredible
human being who embodies spirituality, wisdom, and compassion;
each element spilling over into his work as a chiropractor.  He is
always patient and kind, shedding light on areas of my life which at
times seem overwhelming.  I always feel listened to.  I always leave
feeling like my eyes are more opened than when I entered, ready to
live life more fully and with greater clarity.  He spends a significant
amount of time EVERY time.  I was recommened to Dr. Ackerman by
two friends who have received the same benefits and sing his praises
as loudly and fully as I.  If you are looking for help in physical,
emotional, and/or spiritual areas please do yourself a favor and
call Dr. Ackerman.‎"*

             Christopher Wilhelm, M.S.W.; San Diego,CA

"Dr. Ackerman is absolutely a fantastic healer who focuses on helping
you to feel better and more clear than you have ever felt before.  In
addition to his quite remarkable chiropractic abilities, Dr Ackerman
is incredibly intuitive enabling True Healing to occur.  I, along with
numerous family members and friends, have been helped by Dr.
Ackerman for years and although we have seen many Doctors and
Healers, none compare to Dr Ackerman.  I highly recommend Dr.
Ackerman -- he literally can help to change your life in the most
positive of ways.‎"*

Mike Mollenhauer, Author, Healer; San Diego, CA
Past C.F.O. of The Brigantine Corporation

"My girlfriend and I are still together thanks to all of my work
with Michael, who helped us to clear away many of the issues
and challenges which periodically arose in our relationship."*

                    P. H., Architect, La Jolla, CA

"I rarely drink to excess, but this one morning I came into Dr.
Ackerman’s office after my girlfriend’s birthday party with a
smashing hang-over and headache that I rated as an ‘8’ in
intensity on a ‘0-10’ scale.  I didn’t believe he could do it, but
he got my headache down to "0" using only his energy
healing work!"*

Lauren K., Restaurant Manager, San Diego, CA

"Over the past 4 years, I have found the weekly sessions with Dr.
Ackerman to be truly transformational with my own personal issues
and of great service in enhancing my own professional work with
psychotherapy clients."*    

Dr. Mary M., Ph.D., Psychologist; Stockton, CA

"Hi Michael, I just wanted to write you and let you know that I'm
forever grateful for the couple of healing sessions that I recently had
with you!  My life has made so many changes in a positive direction,
and I have been able to see things differently and approach different
challenges in ways I have not done until now. I would refer any one
that is willing to come and make serious changes to there life.
Thank you so Much!!!"*

                  Jeff Denison, Escondido, CA

"One day I was having severe menstrual cramps and I just happened
to mention that years ago I used to feel relief by having my puppy lie
on top of my stomach.  Using emotional healing techniques, in just
a few minutes, Dr. Ackerman magically took all my pain away without
even touching me... I had to admit he did even better than my puppy!"*

Angela Scrivano, Real Estate Marketing, San Diego, CA

"You never know (at least I guess) how often I think of you and all that
has changed in me and in my life with our sessions. Not only do I think
of you when I receive your e-mails but very often every single day."*

                         Marietta Wais, Zurich, Switzerland

Dr. Michael Ackerman is a spiritual healer, medical intuitive, and holistic doctor in La
Jolla near San Diego California.   He began his healing work studying in India, learning
Reiki, Distance Healing, and mind-body eastern medicine while doing meditation,
spiritual practices, and yoga working as a holistic chiropractic doctor at the ashram of a
world famous spiritual teacher.  He no longer does Reiki or any presently taught new age
healing technique, but developed his own intuitive healing methods over the last 38 years
which he refers to as “Depth Healing”.  Most of his clients feel his psychic intuition can
determine the underlying energy imbalances in their aura, and the mental and emotional
disturbances which affect their overall physical health.  He need not be present with his
clients for holistic energy healing to take place, as many people from around the United
States, Europe, and other countries do spiritual and emotional distance healing work with
him by phone.
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* Legal Disclaimer *
Although the following
testimonials are
representative of the
experiences of many
healing clients,  your
individual results may
* Legal Disclaimer *
Although the following
testimonials are
representative of the
experiences of many
healing clients,  your
individual results may