Healing Sessions Are Also Offered By Dr. Ackerman  (In-Office Or Via Skype)
The Following Is An Explanation Of  "Depth Healing" Therapy

                                      WHAT IS DEPTH HEALING?

    Many of us have been engaged in various forms of healing and transformational work
    over the years, seeking some form of growth or positive change in certain areas of
    our lives.  We've read numerous books, tried different forms of meditation and spiritual
    practices, used many affirmations, gone to seminars and counseling, etc., seeking
    to become more peaceful, loving, and successful human beings.  But those of us who
    have truly made a sincere effort to rid ourselves of undesirable personality traits or
    self-defeating behavior patterns have probably discovered how exceedingly difficult
    this process is.  Oftentimes, just when we believe we have changed and achieved
    some success, life sends us some kind of test or challenge --perhaps in the form of a
    difficult person, a trying relationship, or some stressful situation -- in the face of which
    our unwanted personality traits, which we had hoped were long since conquered,
    re-emerge and rear their ugly heads.   We get discouraged with apparently how little
    progress we have made, and wonder if perhaps our past efforts have been all for naught.  
    This was my repeated experience throughout 35 years of spiritual practice, trying to meet
    the challenge of bringing the light and peace that I obtained in states
    of meditation consistently into my daily life.

    Since 1990, however, under the powerful guidance and grace of an East Indian spiritual
    teacher by the name of "Ammachi," an intensive period of training, trials, and efforts,
    resulted in the great fortune of my being able to learn techniques to remove the deeper
    roots of our negative tendencies.  These roots are not readily apparent.  They are hidden
    within the so-called “shadow" of the human personality, and they are maintained in
    unconsciousness due to the fear and pain we have of confronting the parts of ourselves
    which we judge most harshly.  By avoiding our fear and pain, instead of allowing such
    feelings to pass through us, we form various psychic and bodily holding patterns (actual
    wounds) which are sensitive to the pressures of any new experiences which remind us
    of our painful past.

    Over a period of time, these wounds may cause tissue changes manifesting as tension
    and pain patterns in the body's muscles, i.e., headaches, backaches, nerve conditions;
    they may affect internal organ physiology causing disease conditions, e.g., asthma,
    ulcers, arthritis; and at times long standing emotional wounds may aggregate into
    entire multi-system syndromes, e.g., chronic fatigue syndrome, fibromyalgia, chronic
    anxiety or depression.  The more we continue to avoid facing the dark-side of our
    nature, the more we accumulate pain in many sensitive trigger-areas within us, and
    the more likely in life that situations or people will come along and "push" one of these
    sore and reactive "buttons."  We thus become easily robbed of our peace, health, and
    vitality--we feel victimized, wrongfully pointing our fingers in blame at people or outside
    circumstances for our upsets, instead of looking within and realizing that these external
    factors merely trigger hidden areas of pain already stored within us.  

    As a result of my years with my teacher, deeper intuitive abilities were opened within
    me, enabling me to help others to see their internal wounds, to understand where
    they were rooted, and to release the emotional  pain held within them.   After three years
    of continuously living and traveling with Ammachi in India and on her world tours, in
    1996 she gave me her blessing to return to the U.S. and to practice this healing work in
    the West.  For the lack of my having encountered any similar technique resembling it, I
    have simply decided to name this work, "Depth Healing."

            Depth Healing may be considered a methodology for removing the
                 reactive emotional buttons or wounds responsible for the pain,
           disease, and the many blocks that we face to reaching our life goals.

    When these wounds are addressed, people have experienced break throughs in
    releasing undesirable relationship patterns, in moving through long standing blocks
    to achieving important  life goals, and finding new strength and ease in overcoming
    addictions and habits.  In addition to emotional healing, more rapid physical healing
    also follows...  Back pain, neck pain, tension patterns, fibromyalgia, shoulder, hip &
    orthopedic problems, as well as many other bodily conditions and diseases with a
    stress or psychological component have been found to respond exceedingly well.  

La Jolla, California, Chiropractor - Dr. Michael Ackerman - La Jolla Chiropractor - Dr. Michael Ackerman - Chiropractor in La Jolla, CA - Dr. Michael Ackerman - La Jolla, CA Chiropractor, Dr. Michael Ackerman – San Diego Chiropractor in La Jolla, California –
began his healing work studying in India, learning Reiki, Distance Healing, and mind-body eastern medicine
while doing meditation, spiritual practices, and yoga working as a holistic chiropractic doctor at the ashram
of a world famous spiritual teacher. He no longer does Reiki or any presently taught new age healing
technique, but developed his own intuitive healing methods over the last 38 years which he refers to as
“Depth Healing”.  Most of his clients feel his psychic intuition can determine the underlying energy
imbalances in their aura, and the mental and emotional disturbances which affect their overall physical do
spiritual and emotional distance healing work with him by SKYPE and by phone.